Have you Heard!

There is so much happening in Rio Rancho right now!

1) Natural Grocers are about to Open their doors for shoppers in Rio Rancho.  Grand Opening is August 27, 2020!

2) Murphy's Fuel Express is being built right by CVS Pharmacy - corner of Hwy 528 and Southern

3) the old self-serve car wash will be turned into a Dunkin Donuts

4) the new Joe Harris Elementary will be welcoming students when they can return to campus.  This is the newest elementary in the Rio Rancho Public School System.

5) the old Rio Rancho Inn may get New Life as an apartment complex. 

6) New businesses continue to open in our community despite Covid-19.  Have you checked out RagingBad?  A great way to work out your frustrations! 

Also did you hear you can now Rent-a-Goat from Galloping Goat Ranch?  Why pull weeds when you can have a Goat do it for you.

Be sure to check out the New Performing Arts School - Avix Art.  They offer classes in Dance, Music, Drama and Production.