Everyone's lives have changed in the last 12 months. 

How has your changed?  Maybe it's time to make a move.

1) Employment - Are you now working from home and needing more space?  Or has your job been elimiated due to Covid-19 - if so, maybe it's time to move to another city for better career opportunities.

2) Family - It is time to move closer to family?  Or have family move closer (or in with you)?  Many homes are becoming multi-generational and/or having your college aged kids move back home.

3) Weather - Are you tired of the cold or are you wanting cooler weather?  Now may be the perfect time to move to your favorite city/ state.

4) Space - Needing more space to start your own business?  Space for the in-laws to move in? 

5) Low interest rates make it possible to afford your first home or a larger home.  

Let's talk today about your next move.